Complete Your Yard With Pavers

Complete your yard with pavers. Give your yard a clean finish while also creating a versatile space. With multiple colors and patterns, you can customize your pathways or patios. Not only do pavers look good, but they also have great function. Permeable pavers allow rain water to percolate through the pavers and back into aquifers. You can create the yard you always envisioned while also being environmentally conscious. <img If you are interested in installing pavers, please give us a call at 805-270-2960 for a free estimate.

Caring for Your Lawn

Here are a few care and maintenance guidelines to help your synthetic lawn.


– Clear debris with a rake of leaf blower to help keep your lawn pristine.

– Remove dust, dirt, and pollen with rain. When rainfall is scarce, a gentle spray with a hose will do the trick.

– Wipe or rise spills with water. For tougher spills, use a mild soap with lukewarm water.

– Spray down areas used by pets periodically. This will help with odors accumulating. We also suggest adding a layer of infill every 6 moths to a year. Pick up solid waste as normal. You can neutralize any leftover residue with a mixture of equal parts of white distilled vinegar and water. Flush thoroughly with water after application.

– Freeze chewing gum by using aerosol packs of refrigerant, or dry ice. After freezing, scrape the gum with a knife.

– Fungus or mold spots can be cleaned with a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide in water. Sponge on the solution to the affected area; and then flush thoroughly with clean water.

These maintenance guidelines will help preserve your turf. Please feel free to call us at 805-270-2960 with any questions regarding maintaining your lawn.

Keeping Your Synthetic Lawn Cool

With summer coming right around the corner, temperatures are sure to rise but you won’t have to worry about your synthetic lawn. Our advanced synthetic products feature built-in U.V. inhibitors within the yarn and allow the grass blades to hold color, even in the most harsh and sunny conditions.

While your lawns stays green, it will also stay cool. Our grasses have heat resistant technology. The shape of the individual blades help reduce the heat and mimic the shape natural grass. If your synthetic lawn is hotter than you’d like, a simple water spray will help cool down your synthetic grass in a few seconds. Cooling your grass down this way, won’t cause mud either! Your synthetic lawn will always be ready for children and pets. Your synthetic lawn is perfect for naps!

If you are curious about synthetic lawns or have more questions, check out our other blog posts or call us at 805-270-2960 to set up your free estimate.

A Safe Lawn is a Happy Lawn

We are proud to provide non-toxic and lead free products for your lawn. The products we use are designed specifically for pets and children to safely use. Synthetic Lawn Is Safe for Children and Pets! Our infill is a mix of Zeofill and Durafill. This works great for households that have pets. Infill works to eliminate microbes, prevent bacteria growth and deodorize pet waste. Artificial lawns also have the added benefit of reducing the amount ticks, fleas and other pests living in your yard.

Artificial grass is also safe for children to play on. If you or someone close to you is allergic to grass, a synthetic lawn is a great alternative. You can still get the traditional lawn you want while also not having to worry about allergen irritation.

We are happy to provide great products to help people achieve the yard they want!

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs, or read some of our past client reviews on Google.

Winter 2018 Project Showcase

This Santa Barbara backyard underwent a huge transformation with an exciting array of new features and uses. EcoLawn provided landscape consultation and design and then constructed and installed all new finishes and systems. The project included 450 square feet of artificial grass as well as a three hole putting green, 800 square feet of paver patio space, a new allan block retaining wall, a brand new lighting system for entertaining in the evening, and the construction of an outdoor kitchen space complete with granite counters, roof structure, new professional gas-powered grill and sink.

Come together on a putting green Parties and Views Landscape lighting to light up the pavers An outside kictchen with a grill cared for by Grill Service Man