Fall Planting Guide – Create Contrast with Synthetic Grass and Fall Plants

Fall Garden

It’s time to take advantage of the best time of the year for planting! The Sunset Magazine Fall Planting Guide is now out and is a great resource for fall planting tips, best plants for the fall and winter gardens.

The cooler fall weather makes it easier on young plants and the soil is still warm from the summertime heat. Fall is also a great time to remove a traditional lawn and replace it with a combination of low-water use plants and synthetic grass. Many Californians have let their lawns turn brown in light of the drought, and in preparation for winter rain, have opted to remove their dead lawn and install artificial grass to avoid a potential mud mess with a rain storm.

Check out the wealth of knowledge for fall planting in the http://www.sunset.com/garden/flowers-plants/fall-planting-guide-0

Win a $1,000 Shopping Spree For Not Watering Your Lawn!

Fox Fine Jewelry of Ventura is giving away a $1,000 shopping spree for not watering your lawn, or for sporting a WATER-FREE LAWN or DROUGHT TOLERANT landscape!

How to enter the ‪#‎goldenlawn805‬ $1,000 shopping spree contest:

1. Go to Fox Fine Jewelry, pick up a lawn sign and fill out the entry form. Already have your lawn sign? Sign up here: http://www.foxfinejewelry.com/golden-lawn/

2. Put the sign in your lawn and let your lawn turn golden (or water-free). Take a photo and post on Facebook, Instagram or other social media with #goldenlawn805 and tag @foxfinejewelry.

3. Winners will be announced at the Golden Lawn Conservation Expo in the alley behind Fox Fine Jewelry on Saturday, August 29th from 12 – 5pm! Need not be present to win.

For more information: http://www.foxfinejewelry.com/…/golden-lawn-1000.00-shoppi…/

EcoLawn SB Hits One Million Gallons Saved Mid-Way Through 2015

EcoLawn SB hit a milestone mid-way through 2015, reaching over one million gallons of water saved this year through removal of traditional water-reliant grass and implementing water-free synthetic grass.

The company is poised to reach two million gallons of water before the year is over, helping home and business owners transform their landscapes with drought tolerant xeriscaping and artificial grass. Read the full story online here.  

New DROUGHT BUSTERS Program in Santa Barbara County


Assemblymember Das Williams is now recognizing residents and business owners who have gone above and beyond in conserving water outdoors in Santa Barbara County. One property each month will be chosen from ongoing nominations received. Drought tolerant front yards will be featured on local television programming.

Utilizing synthetic grass and artificial lawn is a great way to achieve huge water savings, conserve water, and enjoy a beautiful drought tolerant landscape. EcoLawn artificial grass installations are wonderful candidates for the new Drought Buster program!

For more information from Assemblymember Williams’ office and an online form to nominate a Drought Buster near you, click here.