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Not only is synthetic grass good for the environment, it is great for the bottom line. Save money and time on watering and maintenance while removing inconsistency from your traditional lawn. EcoLawn provides an environmentally conscious, clean and professional look to all businesses. EcoLawn is the future of landscaping for sustainable businesses.


Sporting Environments

Lawn sports and athletic facilities are a perfect application for EcoLawn. The high cost of water combined with the level of maintenance to upkeep traditional lawn for aesthetics and safety are just a few of the reasons why the professional sports industry has began to shift toward synthetic grass. EcoLawn works great for golf courses, bocce ball courts, indoor or outdoor athletic fields, school fields and multipurpose use. Please ask our design team to help enhance your office or home landscape with fun and entertaining features.


Commercial Spaces

Is your business as green as it should be? EcoLawn’s synthetic grass material can transform the inside or outside of any business, adding a contemporary texture that exudes sustainability, uniqueness and a lush ecological feel both indoors and outdoors. Synthetic grass can be designed as carpet, lounges or even mounted onto a wall. The design possibilities with synthetic grass are endless!



Synthetic lawns at businesses may qualify for up to $2000 per water meter in Smart Landscape Rebate Funds from your local water provider. Call us to see how you could qualify.

Rebates for Businesses


Upon request, our attentive staff will service your EcoLawn by adding organic infill that removes pet waste odors. We will also give your EcoLawn a fresh power brush to make the blades stand up proud and remove leaves, leaving your yard looking just as good as it did right after the installation.


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