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Synthetic grass installations save homeowners thousands of dollars, countless hours of yard work, and conserve copious amounts of water during the worst drought in California’s recorded history. Homeowners with our synthetic grass do not have to mow, fertilize, deal with gophers, or use toxic chemicals to maintain the perfection of their lawn. EcoLawn is hypoallergenic and does not stain clothing. Our landscape designs go beyond just synthetic grass installations by considering the whole yard to create a lush, livable space for your entire family and pets to enjoy.



In response to the drought in California, the water districts in Santa Barbara County have been awarding thousands of dollars to qualified homeowners for replacing existing landscapes with more water­ conscious applications such as synthetic lawns. Our staff acts as a liaison to the local agency inspectors to help clients receive the maximum rebate they’re eligible for. EcoLawn takes care of booking all inspections and filing all necessary paperwork in order for clients to receive their rebate. Qualifying homeowners in Santa Barbara County are eligible for rebates up to $1000 per water meter. After installing an Ecolawn, most homeowners make their money back within one to three years and save thousands on their water bill for many years to follow!

Santa Barbara Water Wise Rebates
Pet-friendly artificial lawn

Pet Lawns

Are you tired of those brown spots on the lawn and muddy paws on your kitchen floor? Ecolawn is specifically designed for pet use, with durable, 100% permeable, dig and chew­-resistant material. Additionally, EcoLawn is made up of a unique blend of 100% organic infills and ZeoFill that works as organic turf deodorizer to eliminate microbes, prevent bacteria growth and deodorize pet waste, keeping your pets healthy and your lawn smelling fresh. Artificial grass also reduces the amount of ticks, fleas and other pests living in your yard, and eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers that can cause illnesses in animals.
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Child Friendly

Ecolawn provides a healthy and safe surface for the entire family to enjoy. Our synthetic lawns are 100% non-­toxic and do not utilize the controversial rubber pellet infills that have been speculated as carcinogenic. Our installations eliminate holes and divots found in traditional lawns, increasing safety by removing unseen hazards. Ecolawn offers the most advanced heat­ blocking technology available to ensure a comfortable surface for bare feet. EcoLawn is perfect for BBQ’s, children’s parties and family picnics.

Water Wise Landscaping

On average, 60% of a homeowners total water use is attributed to lawn and yard maintenance. With water prices continuing to rise, eliminating the need to water a lawn is a great way to reduce your water bill. EcoLawn clients enjoy a drought-proof, zero-water, perfect green lawn while saving money and conserving water – a proactive solution for our changing climate that pays for itself.

Environmental Sustainability

EcoLawn is environmentally sensitive in every step of the manufacturing, distribution and lifetime of the product. Developed in the USA, our bio-based products are non-toxic and lead free. Using EcoLawn reduces your environmental impact by conserving water at your home or business, eliminating emissions from lawn equipment, and lowering the impact on landfills as a result of the long life expectancy of our high-quality products.


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